Saturday, October 2, 2010

Spare a Square?

I'm on a strict diet. No taste, no fun, but a good rate of weight loss. But while my fellow dieters around me are dropping pant sizes like they change their chonies, my blubber loss seems glacial in speed.

The problem is purely mathematical. Why didn't I work harder to get my rotunditude under control when I weighed 200 lbs? Even 230? Nope, I had to press pause on the plan until I hit a massive 260 pounds. Better late than never, I know. And while I've lost enough weight to count for a couple of infants ... maybe even a toddler? ... it's slow going to start with.

Here's my theory.

Take a full roll of TP. Like this one.

Now take 10 squares off of it. Doesn't make much difference, does it? Take a 1/2 empty roll and pull the same amount off. A little more dramatic, I'd say.

So my peers who are trying to lose 50 pounds and knock off the first 10 drop eight pant sizes. OK, they're losing one pant size. Just feels like eight to me. I've dropped considerably more than 10 pounds, but I'm still just "more comfy" in my clothes. There are a few pairs of pants in a size smaller that I can manage, but I'm still mostly in 18s. Sigh.

Yes, I'm frustrated that my weight loss is so far from noticeable. But I'm trying to keep in mind that it's not just my jiggly belly and thighs hogging all the fat. When I gain weight, even my ear lobes get bigger. I'm an equal opportunity gainer. So it stands to reason that my lobes will have some trimming to do, too, and that won't have diddly of a difference on my waistline.

'Scuse me. Gotta go trim a few squares off the roll.

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