Monday, August 30, 2010

92 Pairs of Pants on the Wall ....

OK, in front of the wall.

Hello, world. Meet my progress piles. What you're looking at is
92 pairs of pants. Sized 16 on the left all the way down to 8 on the right. Right now I'm rotating through about five pairs of pants that are 18s and are reasonably comfortable. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't perilously close to having to move up to a size that starts with a 2.

The last time I got super-de-duper motivated and lost a substantial amount of weight, I pulled out all my pants and organized them the same way. And then, after each 10 lbs shed, I'd pick up the upper left pair, take a deep breath (sucking it in, natch), and pull.

I'm one of those who really doesn't notice weight loss in myself right away. When co-workers or friends commented on the improved definition in my cheekbones, I'd stare into the mirror, wondering why I didn't see it. It wasn't until I had lost 40 pounds or so that I noticed that my back boobs (you know exactly what I'm talking about) were much less noticeable. I could see the numbers changing on the scale, but those were just numbers. Where I noticed weight loss was in my pants.

So I recently decided to go spelunking into the farthest recesses of my closet to pull out the 16s... the 14s... the 12s... the 10s... and even the 8s. And I did throw a few into the donation pile, because REALLY ... if I would't wear it now no matter what size I am, it's time to say buh-bye.

In a couple of weeks I hope I'm ready to grab a pair of britches and see what's what. A few of 'em even still have tags on them. Most, however, have been faithful friends that have rotated from the front of my closet to the back, and then to the front again.

I'm making a minor adjustment this time, though. When I'm through the first stack of 27 (yes, 27 pairs of size 16 pants!!!), they're not going back in my closet. They're going in the donation pile and out the door. Followed by the 28 pairs of 14s (!!!) and the 17 pairs of 12s. The weight loss experts say to get rid of your "fat clothes" just as soon as you can, so you don't give yourself subconscious permission to wear them again. This time, I think I'll take that advice.

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